Owners of Filthy Filly's

Our Story

When someone says you can't do it, do it twice and take pictures.

We've opened our doors with a message of inclusiveness, acceptance and friendship. No one is a stranger. We're a family of diversity, living in a community of the same. We're embracing our neighbors and cooking up nothing but love and sharing how we have always healed and celebrated in our own lives...the Filthy Filly way!

Filthy Filly Definition: A strong, vibrant woman who can drive a 4 X 4 truck through a 5 foot deep mud bog, in the morning (without getting stuck) and put on a little black dress with her best pearls in the evening to attend a charity dinner. A Filthy Filly can hold her own at the local bar all the while maintaining her grace and dignity, run the household, hold down a career and raise her kids, filling her life with laughter and love everyday. That's a Filthy Filly in a nutshell.

Backyard BBQing Santa Maria Style, has always been a way of life for our family. Through trials and celebrations, on any given night of the week, we'd end up with a fire, a tri-tip and Johnny Cash, Van Halen or even Eminem.... in the background. Through our passion for the good life the central coast and the tradition of Santa Maria style BBQ has to offer, Filthy Filly's Steakhouse & Tap was born. All of this brought together with big hearts, lots of laughs and the love and support of family and friends.... sharing with you the Filthy Filly way!